Individual Coaching

Address your personal questions and challenges while growing your resilience.

Sometimes you need 1:1 support. Coaching offers a collaborative and ongoing relationship between an individual and an experienced coach in order to help you establish new behaviors and mindsets for growth. 

Benefits of Individual Coaching

Our model centers active reflection as the most effective method for change.

Research has shown that regular reflection impacts how people live. We offer a framework for checking in with yourself, which leads to greater personal resilience and increased:

  • Self-awareness
  • Ability to deal with conflict
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Confidence to lead change
  • Leadership skills, group dynamics, conflict & wellness
  • Understanding yourself in groups settings

Instead of a structured curriculum, the coaching agenda is developed and implemented in partnership between the individual and coach. This confidential process may address different areas of life, including work, finances, health, relationships, education, and recreation.

Coaching is strengths-based, forward-looking, and collaborative

Coaching is goal-focused

Coaching is not therapy, counseling, or consulting

Is Coaching Right for You?

If you are taking stock of your life, or realize you need to grow but don’t know how, individual coaching might be a good first step.

The Center’s primary work is rooted in relationship and group work, yet there are sometimes reasons why individual coaching might be the right choice.

  1. You are not ready/able to be vulnerable in a group
  2. Your role or position inside your organization or denomination means you must be more careful about your level of exposure or honesty in a group setting.

What You Can Expect

Format: Onsite in Seattle, Washington area (our office or yours), or virtual

Time: 50 minutes for each session

Duration & Cost:

  • New client intake session, $149
  • 4 sessions, $599+
  • 8 sessions, $1,099+
  • 12 sessions for $1,499+
  • Discounts: We offer a 20% discount for spiritual care professionals in nonprofit/church settings; 10% for nonprofit workers

Our Coaches

Our coaches are experienced leaders in nonprofits and congregations, and experts in resilience and resilient leadership and hold degrees in fields of theology or psychology.

Interested in Coaching?

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