The Center for Transforming Engagement

Our leaders, trainers, and coaches have walked in your shoes.

We are boots-on-the-ground practitioners who’ve faced discouragement, disillusionment, and burnout working within traditional ministry settings. Yet, we are unwilling to let that be the end of our story.

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Who We Are

At our core, we are world changers motivated by our experiences and vision for radical change.  

Our whole team had a wonderful experience, and I’d encourage any church that is feeling stuck–do this program and be amazed at what God is going to show you. You will come through it encouraged, strengthened, and bonded with your people.” John and Judith Hix, pastors of Seattle Vineyard church

Clear-eyed, yet committed to hopeful service

Our times demand that we not stick our heads in the sand, nor be content with the status quo. We clearly see the state of things, yet choose a hopeful stance to problem-solving and own a stubborn optimism and insistence that the solutions we imagine be applicable to real-world problems.

Experienced, and always learning

This is collaborative, communal work that demands authenticity. We offer proven tools rooted in decades of healing yet, AND are learners practicing side-by-side with you. As co-powering guides for your journey, we are in a parallel process, and readily admit that our leaders and facilitators don’t have it all together. We are both invested in individual growth, and fully committed to relational contexts.

Rooted in tradition, while innovating for the future

Our methods are deeply rooted in traditional Christian messages of hope, restoration and relationship, yet we recognize that the old ways of doing ministry need a reboot. We long for a paradigm shift that allows us to dig deeply into our call in a fresh and more sustaining way. Just like you, we are moving forward to reimagine ministry within our complex, modern context.

Bridging Worlds

Often, we find ourselves at the intersection of the church and academia.

We are unapologetic about how scholarship and Christian tradition have shaped us, but when those get in the way, we choose relationships. We honor what’s non negotiable, but are eager to set aside what is harmful in order to evolve, shift, and work together to craft something better.

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