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Wondering where to begin? Start with some of our most popular resources and offerings designed to support pastors and Christian leaders. Get the Clergy Burnout Report Did you know that 90% of pastors feel inadequately trained to cope with ministry demands? And that 30% of pastors are at risk of burnout?⁠ ⁠As a point of


Effective Small Groups for Pastors and Christian Leaders

Christian leadership is often a lonely vocation. That’s why you need relational support – especially from other leaders who understand the complexities of Christian leadership today. You need to reflect on your own stories to create healthier relationships with yourself, God, and the people you serve. Download Effective Small Groups for Pastors and Christian Leaders,


Self-Care Menu for Sustainable Practices

We invite you to download our free Self-Care Menu worksheet to help you create your go-to plan to support your well-being when you need it most. You will discover a process that you can repeat anytime one that you can turn to in times of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or just when you need a little