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Pastors and the Problem of Social Constraint 

Social constraint is the perception that other people don’t want to hear about your life and problems. It’s the thing that makes you decide not to give a real answer when someone asks how you are doing. It’s the thing that makes you swallow your own hurt or stifle your own joy even though others


The Seattle School Receives $1,250,000 Grant from Lilly Endowment

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology has received a grant of $1,250,000 from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help continue efforts to equip leaders by gathering lay and ordained, active and aspiring preachers in the western region of the United States to develop their preaching skills and support one another in the art and spiritual

Transforming Engagement: the Podcast

Youth & Campus Ministry Burnout with Reverend Amanda Rigby & Dr. Elizabeth Watters | Podcast Season 05, Episode 03

In our country, the undeniable truth is that a mental health crisis is profoundly affecting youth and families. What if there was a more robust connection between youth ministry leaders and mental health professionals? Could this create a supportive environment for young people and those caring for them? Today, we welcome Reverend Amanda Rigby, the