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23 Chromosome Sets, 12.5 Million Stories, and God’s Yes to them All. 

Lately I’ve been on a 23andMe kick. For the unacquainted, 23andMe is a comprehensive DNA testing kit that informs its customers of their ancestral heritage.  The idea of purchasing a kit for myself has always felt superfluous. Being born in South Korea, to Korean parents, does much to kill any curiosity concerning my own results.


Engaging in a Community of Resilience: A Collectivist Approach

One of the ways we can cultivate resilience as we engage with one another is to notice how we show up in our communities. Dr. Ron Ruthruff, Associate Professor of Theology and Culture at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, shares his thoughts in a collection of three stories.     Joel Aguilar is

Transforming Engagement, the Podcast

Clergy Burnout with Dr. Jessica Young Brown | Podcast Season 02, Episode 02

Listen and Subscribe on: Apple | Spotify | Amazon Music (Audible) In this episode of our Clergy Burnout series, we’re joined by Dr. Jessica Young Brown, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, author, and consultant to churches and community organizations on mental health, trauma, race and racism, and organizational dynamics. Co-hosted by Kate Rae Davis, MDiv, and Rose Madrid Swetman, DMin, this discussion