Our Mission

The Center for Transforming Engagement exists to equip individuals and teams to (re)build communities marked by resilience, belonging, and generativity.

Moving from social fragmentation to cohesion requires thoughtful, hopeful leaders. And, it cannot be solved through individuals alone — we must equip and form teams who work together. 

Our Collective and Sobering Reality

We find ourselves at an unprecedented time in history, marked by social fragmentation and hyper-individualism.

Our increasingly constant-crisis world is plagued by epidemics of misinformation and widespread mistrust of societal institutions. At the same time, people are leaving churches in record numbers, leadership scandals are normalized, and religious credibility has been badly bruised.

These things have caused serious fragmentation and erosion of our social cohesion, which is a significant indicator of our social and spiritual well-being.

These truths can be heartbreaking and cause many to retreat into despair or cynicism, but we believe there is reason to hope.

YES – culture is shifting.

YES – isolation and fragmentation are the norm.

YES – traditional ministry is missing the mark.

AND…The ways of Jesus are winsome, and the gospel carries a much needed message of hope and love. This means we need to seriously rethink faith-based service for a complex, modern context.

Our BIG Idea

Build the capacity of organizations to embody the Christian values of faith, hope and love – while applying the tools of the social sciences to develop social cohesion and rebuild communities.

Well, that’s a mouthful! Bottom line, we envision a future where more good leaders + higher capacity organizations =  a more flourishing society. Learn about our theory of change.