Organizational Development

Grow Your Team’s Capacity and Increase Your Collective Impact

The ability to work together to solve complex problems and to meet the local need for social cohesion are the greatest needs of this era. At the Center for Transforming Engagement, thriving leaders are equipped and capable of influencing their organizations to become more resilient and generative.

The Imperative of Relational Work

The Center works with teams and groups to transform their engagement with one another, equipping them to meet challenges beyond the capacities of any one personal alone.

Our programs for teams and organizations combine the Christian values of faith, hope and love while applying the tools of the social sciences to develop social cohesion and rebuild communities.

This inherently relational work requires spaces that are physically, relationally, and spiritually “safe enough.”

We are creating such spaces.

Perhaps you’ve had the rare joy to work with a group that wasn’t simply enjoyable in a polite way, but a group that knew how to work well together.

Group work is challenging, but when it is engaged well, it can restore our trust in one another and in institutions to address pressing problems

Good Groups Know How  –

Focus on their task, while also attending to what arises within the group dynamics

Address group dynamics to move the primary task forward and solve complex problems

Let go of reality the situation as it is, and become open to a greater imagination for how things might be

Transforming Communities Program

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Instead of proscribed “one size fits all” practices, we offer processes that fit your values and culture. Our experienced coaches walk alongside your organization, providing training and guidance to adapt to the changing cultural context of our time.

Workshops & Training

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Whether your next event is an in-person conference or online webinar, we can provide trainings that educate, inspire and equip your people on a variety of topics.

Organizational Resilience

Organizations that are more resilient are better able to respond to a quickly changing context, even in times of crisis.

They also create a sustainable cycle of care between leader and organization, and prepare the organization to become a learning community for future resilient leaders.

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