Compelling Preaching Programs

Crafting transformational moments informed by the intersections of text, soul, and culture.

The Center for Transforming Engagement is excited to be a recent recipient of the Compelling Preaching Initiative Grant, by Lilly Endowment, Inc. This program is still being designed with plans to launch in Spring 2025.

Innovating the Act of Preaching

These programs will equip preachers, lay leaders, and others to develop their communication skills, give and receive feedback, and support one another in the art and spiritual practice of crafting sermons.

Launching Spring 2025!

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Program I: New or Lay Preachers

This initiative is designed to get more voices into pulpits and to:

  • Diversify perspectives
  • Increase access to preaching as a spiritual practice
  • Create preaching teams that relieve the pastor from weekly sermon crafting

Program II: Experienced Preachers

This program will invite participants to reimagine sermons as more than scripts, and challenge them to create alternatives that shift their audience’s understanding of self, God, the world, and relationships in innovative ways.

Annual Gathering

This event will offer preaching inspiration, tools, and practices. Guest lecturers will speak on an aspect of preaching, innovative faith communities and how it intersections of text, soul, and culture

Ideal Participants

This program will benefit people in multiple contexts who are charged with communicating good news in our complex world.

Teaching Pastors Educators Visionaries Non-profit leaders Burnt out leader needing a fresh approach to scripture Faith-based Social Entrepreneurs and more

Let’s Connect!

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