Courses & Podcasts

Online Courses

Our online courses are designed to give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace while going deeper into various topics, such as Centering Prayer and Career & Call. We will be partnering with various organizations and individuals for a diverse and expansive learning experience.


Transforming Engagement: The Podcast

Center staff host conversations about changes that serve a common good — and a higher good. We talk with ministry leaders, counselors, academics, practitioners, and more to learn about how change happens as we pursue transforming engagement. Each season will explore a single aspect of transforming engagement.


Resilient Leaders Project

Grown from the work of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, since 2017 Resilient Leaders Project has designed offerings to support community gatherers of all sorts – pastors, artists, social entrepreneurs, educators, and nonprofit leaders — to work more meaningfully. We equip leaders to transform their service of God and neighbor in challenging contexts – and in the process, to be transformed.


Certificate in Resilient Service

A 7-month program that focuses on the three elements of resilience: People, Practices, and Purpose. This certificate trains leaders doing good work on behalf of their community to restore their inner resilience and live into their purpose regeneratively.



Trusting Teams Project

Social change requires a hopeful leader, but that leader must be able to cultivate belonging among the people they work with. Trusting Teams Project creates experiences for groups to develop trust in order to fulfill their good work in service of God and neighbor. Together with participants, we discern and join God’s activity in our local neighborhood, both seeking and bringing transformation.

Resilient Congregations

A year-long program designed by church leaders, expert ethnographers, and faculty of The Seattle School, this experiential training helps congregational teams develop trust, discern church identity, and design for change.



Place Project

Christian ministry always happens in context. Service impacts human and natural ecosystems—the inhabitants, institutions, and nature of a place. Birthed from Resilient Leaders Project, this initiative trains leaders to listen to their place and respond with wisdom, encouraging innovative forms of gathering and serving God and neighbor for the regenerative transformation of communities.

Christ & Cascadia

An online journal to serve Christian leaders and communities in the unique cultural space of the CascadiabioregionContributions are from local leaders in various sectors seeking to equip the church to better know and love this region.