Transformation occurs through relationships.

Each of our offerings is designed to provide you with both knowledge and relationships to support your resilience, effectiveness, and ability to affect change. Participate in God’s transformation of the world by participating in the transformation of your life, team, and organization.


Cohort Programs: Circles

Whether you’re seeking personal support to survive a difficult context or leadership development to actively change that context, we have a cohort program for you. You’ll gain frameworks and a group of meaningful relationships that will help you reflect on the particular challenges of your situation.

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Team Consulting

When teams are functional and committed to a shared purpose, they can transform the world. Since 2017, we’ve helped churches, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations vastly improve the health and functionality of their teams. We work with boards (vestry, elders, trustees, etc.), executive leadership teams, and departmental teams.

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Individual Coaching

Work one-on-one with experienced coaches to address your personal questions and contextual challenges. Coaching is offered on the topics of holistic resilience, leadership, and organizational challenges.

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