Team Consulting

Congregations and nonprofits face an overwhelming number of complex challenges today. In the wake of the covid pandemic, volunteering and affiliation are down. We are plagued by wicked problems: widespread isolation, heated political polarization, persistent poverty, shifting ecosystems, and rapidly changing neighborhood populations. The world is changing around us, and it can feel like a struggle to stay relevant.

Your congregation or organization wants to serve the community and transform lives, but too often, you’re stuck managing crisis after crisis.

We’re here to help. Since 2017, we’ve helped churches, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations vastly improve the health and functionality of their teams. We work with boards (vestry, elders, trustees, etc.), executive leadership teams, and departmental teams.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead


Effective Teams

When teams are functional and committed to a shared purpose, they can transform the world. They not only contribute to positive change, but they also provide us with the joy of working together in the flow of collaboration.

Effective Teams will set a strong foundation of facilitation skills, constructive group behaviors, and group dynamics. You’ll have language, skills, and tools for working together on any projects in your future.

I really enjoyed having our team go through the materials on group dynamics and facilitation. Although everyone on our team has known each other at some level for quite some time, the insights into the various roles we can play was very helpful. It was especially helpful to have me, as the pastor, not be allowed to serve as facilitator. It was great to see other team members rise to the occasion.”  -Pastor Jeff Horton

Format: Onsite in your space

Time & Duration: Options for 2-hour, half-day, or full-day

Cost: Contact us for a custom quote based on organization type, location, and desired number of sessions.

Discounts available for congregational teams; limited number of full scholarships available for congregational boards.

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Transforming Communities

Your congregation or organization wants to serve the community and transform the lives of its inhabitants, but too often, you’re stuck managing crisis after crisis.

It’s time to step out of crisis management mode and step into the call of your congregation’s identity.

Transforming Communities gathers teams of four to eight people and guides them through a process to realign with their call, re-vision their life together, and reconnect with their neighborhood. This program guides your team to implement changes that address and fit your unique situation and context. Our experienced staff will coach your team as you work together to create opportunities in response to the post-pandemic landscape of your particular context. 

Here’s what previous participants are saying:

Pastor Justin White said that Thriving Communities is a process of “un-learning the way we have done ministry in the community [in the past]. There are ways that God’s grace and mercy can be shared in the greater community that can be uncovered–not by our intentions of making it happen–but by actually listening and seeing what people need.”

Ferdie Llenado, pastor of Fairwood United Methodist Church:  “The pandemic had derailed out sense of momentum. Having an outside agency like [Transforming Faith Communities] to coach us, train us, lead us and guide us has really gotten us unstuck—looking for possibilities and potentials in ourselves so that we can continue to move forward.” 

John and Judith Hix, pastors of Seattle Vineyard church: “We loved it. Our whole team had a wonderful experience, and I’d encourage any church that is feeling stuck–do this program and be amazed at what God is going to show you. You will come through it encouraged, strengthened, and bonded with your people.”

Together, you can transform your faith community, your neighborhood, and the future.

Format: Onsite at your location 

Duration: Choose your pace, 2 months – 12 months

Time: Approximately 20 hours with consultant + 40-60 hours of independent work

Cost: Free for congregations + program completion makes congregations eligible for a grant of up to $3,000.

Rates vary for nonprofits and for-profits.

If you think this program might be a good fit for your congregation or organization, talk to your lead pastor or CEO and then click below to fill out an interest form to start the conversation.

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Custom Consult

Transformation happens through teams. They not only contribute to positive change, they provide us the joy of working together in the flow of collaboration.

But too often, this is not the way we experience work with teams. Groups can become riddled with competition and distrust, distracted by each new crisis, or just plain unorganized. Sometimes it feels like we’re talking without effectively communicating. Often, we are too close to our own team to be able to accurately see what is happening within it or the tensions just below the surface.

Consulting services are available on:

We’ll work with you to assess your needs, make a customized plan, and enact that plan with your leadership team to improve the team’s health and capacity. Our mission is to equip you to further your mission.

Format: Onsite at your office preferred

Time & Duration: Customized; we’ll begin with a 1:1 meeting to determine

Cost: Rates vary for congregations, nonprofits, and for-profits.

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