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Career & Call

Your call is more all-encompassing than any single career. Call is how you put together lots of elements of your life–your relationships, recreation, and non-paid work–into a meaningful whole. No single role in your career can bear all the weight of your need for purpose. That said, over a lifetime you will probably spend more time at your places of work than you spend doing any other single activity.

Taking the time to find work worth doing, a career that fits you well, is an important investment. By watching the 9-video lessons and completing the various worksheets, you will learn a process of discovery and discernment that you can use over and over again in making life decisions both now and in the future.

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Centering Prayer

Centering prayer is a discipline of intentional silence. You may think of it as clearing the table to prepare a place for the Divine to come and be with you. Intentionally cultivating your external space can help you to cultivate your interior space.
In this four-lesson course on Centering Prayer, Maddy Miller will walk you through an introduction to Centering Prayer, the history of Centering Prayer, attention of the heart, and the Welcoming Prayer. Our hope is that this course will take you into a deeper relationship with yourself and with the Divine.

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Resilience 101

Resilience is to go through adversity and come out stronger as a result. True resilience occurs when we grow in meaningful ways in response to challenges or suffering — our growth comes not in spite of challenges, but because of what we learn from having gone through hard situations. Begin by understanding what resilience is and how to cultivate it with this video series: Resilience 101.

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