Resilient Leaders: Practices for Life

Cultivate a good life that supports your good work

You care about people, your community, and the world, so you do good work for the common good. Your work is meaningful—but it’s also demanding of your time, energy, and your very self.

It may feel like doing good work infringes on having a good life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can begin to cultivate practices that bring more goodness to your life, to your work, and to those you serve. This kind of cultivation is what makes Christian leaders and their communities resilient, becoming more healthy, whole, and holy as a result of the unique challenges you face.

Format Live online course
Duration 7 weeks
Time average 3 hours per week
Cost $349

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About this course

We’ve designed a 7-week program that will help you focus on one core element of building resilience: Practices.

Resilient Leaders: Practices for Life equips leaders like you – doing good work on behalf of your community – to restore your inner resilience and live into your purpose by cultivating intentional practices to support and sustain your life. If you are a pastor, a chaplain, a ministry volunteer, a changemaker in a non-profit, or a social entrepreneur – Practices for Life is uniquely designed for you.

Upon completing registration, you will receive 2 hours of content to engage with. This online program kicks off with a live 5-hour workshop on Zoom. In the following six weeks, participants will join a weekly two-hour Zoom meeting, consisting of approximately 30 minutes of instruction and 90 minutes of small group sharing and reflection. You will be with the same small group members for the duration of the program.

What are Practices?

Practices are the day-to-day components of our lives—spiritual, physical, relational, emotional—that support or undermine our well-being. Together, we are curious and compassionate about how we choose and form our practices. Teaching sessions focus on the origins and impact of stress on our bodies, coping strategies and the addictive cycle, and why many of our attempts at “self-care” ultimately fail. By the end of this program, you will walk away with a personalized plan to develop your resilience practices holistically, regeneratively, and flexibly.


Become a resilient, wholehearted leader

Participation in Resilient Leaders: Practices for Life will help you to:



Important Details about Resilient Leaders: Practices for Life

Available at registration: 2 hours of content to engage before beginning

One-Day Workshop 5-hour live workshop on Zoom

Weekly Follow-Up in Small Groups 30 minutes engaging a particular tool or framework + 90 minute group conversation and reflection

Standard cost is $349 (deposit of $180 due at registration)

We offer a specially discounted rate of $299 for ordained ministry professionals, including chaplains, thanks to the generosity of a grantmaker. Please reach out to to receive the registration link.

Your purchase of this course includes access to all Zoom meetings (approximately 17 hours of content engagement), facilitated small group sharing, a downloadable workbook that is yours to keep and reuse whenever your practices need a refresh, journal prompts, and subject-specific recommended resources to deepen your learning beyond the program ends.