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The Betwixt and Between: Finding Resilience in Liminality

My all-time favorite movie line comes from the Western Five Card Stud. Dean Martin is out demonstrating his six-gun prowess to Inga Stevens, shooting bottles off the corral rails, when up rides Bob Mitchum as “The Preacher.” Mitchum asks to give it a try, so Dean hands him the pistol and Big Bob proceeds to

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Resilience 101 Online Course

Resilience is to go through adversity and come out stronger as a result. True resilience occurs when we grow in meaningful ways in response to challenges or suffering — our growth comes not in spite of challenges, but because of what we learn from having gone through hard situations. Begin by understanding what resilience is

Online Courses

Centering Prayer Online Course

Centering prayer is a discipline of intentional silence. You may think of it as clearing the table to prepare a place for the Divine to come and be with you. Intentionally cultivating your external space can help you to cultivate your interior space. In this four-lesson course on Centering Prayer, Maddy Miller will walk you

Online Courses

Way of Life Online Course

We all have practices we do day in and day out, some intentionally and some subconsciously. It’s the way we go about life. But how do you shift those practices to lead a more intentional life? The Way of Life online course is designed to help you create an intentional commitment to live in particular

Online Courses

Career & Call Online Course

Your call is more all-encompassing than any single career. Call is how you put together lots of elements of your life–your relationships, recreation, and non-paid work–into a meaningful whole. No single role in your career can bear all the weight of your need for purpose. That said, over a lifetime you will probably spend more


The Resilience Report

The Resilience Report is a 25-page document intended to outline what resilience actually is and what it might look like in practice, and to begin a discussion on its theological and practical implications for Christian leaders. Download: The Resilience Report The report is presented by Kate Davis, Director of Resilient Leaders Project, Dr. J. Derek


Refreshing Your Way of Life

“A Rule of Life is descriptive in that it articulates our intentions and defines the ways in which we want to live. When we fall short of these intentions, the Rule of Life becomes prescriptive, showing us how we can return to the path that we have set for ourselves and recapture our original vision.”


Practical Resilience in Ministry: A Webinar with Andrea Sielaff

On June 25, Andrea Sielaff, MAC, Researcher for Resilient Leaders Project, hosted a conversation on the need for practices that can help cultivate practical resilience for ministry leaders. This was the final installment of the “Resilience in Crisis” webinar series, created to support, resource, and encourage leaders and practitioners through the pandemic crisis. Andrea interviewed


Chronic Stress as Trauma: Resilience in the Time of COVID-19

I live near Seattle, one of the first places in the US that COVID-19 hit hard. The first time I went to the grocery store after we all started to get a sense of the magnitude of this crisis, I took pictures of empty shelves where rice, flour, and chicken had been, as if I