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To Stay, Walk Away

When vocation intersects with calling—like church ministry—it can be difficult to step away and unplug. We often feel guilty for not being always available, for not pouring every waking moment into the work of ministry. Here, Andrea Sielaff, Program Evaluation Manager at the Center for Transforming Engagement, argues that if we hope for long-term sustainability


Clergy Burnout Report

Did you know that 90% of pastors feel inadequately trained to cope with ministry demands? And that 30% of pastors are at risk of burnout?⁠ ⁠As a point of contrast: while 1 in 3 pastors is at risk of burnout, only 1 in 5 business leaders is at risk.⁠ Church leadership has never been more


Mapping Your Community

We all know that we need others to help us in our work and lives, especially when times are stressful. In the Genesis creation narratives, God creates humanity to exist in community. Relationships are so important, the observation “It’s not good for a human to be alone” is recorded as sacred scripture. Yet too often,

Transforming Engagement, the Podcast

Embodying Community with Jimmy McGee | Podcast Season 01, Episode 02

In this conversation about embodied community with Jimmy McGee, CEO and President of Impact Movement, Inc., we dig into the ways in which technology, the pandemic, and a generational shift are affecting the way we socialize with our communities. From sitting around a pot of gumbo in New Orleans with cousins to connecting over Zoom, join us as we consider how the elements of an embodiment are evolving.

Transforming Engagement, the Podcast

Embodying Community with Curt Thompson | Podcast Season 01, Episode 01

We connected with psychiatrist and author Curt Thompson, MD, on a Zoom call as we were all navigating the Omicron surge in the winter of 2022. As we talked about what an embodied community means, we could not escape the context of the COVID19 pandemic. This conversation is full of longing to be in the physical presence of one another, the challenges that arise as we begin to re-enter into community with others, and how we can approach the next season with open ears and hearts, ready to listen and engage with one another.

Transforming Engagement, the Podcast

The Beginning of the Center for Transforming Engagement | Pilot Podcast Episode

Get to know the people, the ideas, and the hopes and dreams for cascading change in the pilot episode of “Transforming Engagement,” the new podcast from CTE.  Listen as the founders, Kate Rae Davis, MDiv and Dr. J. Derek McNeil, discuss the need for healing in our communities and why we need to transform the ways in which we engage one another to experience true healing. We invite you to join us as we embark on this journey together.


Celebrating the Beginning

A few weeks ago, we held a celebration ceremony to honor the work that has been done to launch the Center for Transforming Engagement. Whether you celebrated with us from a distance or in person at The Seattle School, thank you for being a part of the launch of the Center for Transforming Engagement. Your