Clergy Burnout Report

by Jun 20, 2022Downloads

Download the Clergy Burnout Report
Did you know that 90% of pastors feel inadequately trained to cope with ministry demands?

And that 30% of pastors are at risk of burnout?⁠

⁠As a point of contrast: while 1 in 3 pastors is at risk of burnout, only 1 in 5 business leaders is at risk.⁠

Church leadership has never been more difficult. Clergy burnout has been a problem for years and has only been amplified by the social upheavals of the first years of this decade, leaving many pastors isolated, exhausted, and disillusioned.

Though burnout is common, it is too often unnamed and overlooked. Whether you are a church staff member, a congregant, or someone who supervises or trains pastors, we sincerely hope the Clergy Burnout Report will serve as a resource that helps you identify common causes of burnout and supports you as you discover ways to move toward greater health.