Hope—Pandemic as Change Catalyst: A Webinar with Kate Rae Davis and Dr. J. Derek McNeil

by Jan 19, 2022Blog

On May 7, Kate Rae Davis, Director of Resilient Leaders Project and Dr. J. Derek McNeil, President and Provost of The Seattle School, talked about the ways crisis can accelerate transformation and their hopes for positive change in our lives, city, and world. This was the second installment of the “Resilience in Crisis” webinar series, created to support, resource, and encourage leaders and practitioners through the pandemic crisis.

Christian ministry always happens in a context: in specific times, places, and cultures that shape the meaning and expression of the message. In a digital age of global communication, the context changes rapidly on global, national, and local levels, and ministries must read and respond to those changes constantly. In and following a period of pandemic, social interactions are fundamentally different — and Christian ministry will need to respond to these changes.

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